BFAQ's - Your Guide To Black Friday

Black Friday Assorted QuestionsA Nugget Black Friday is on the horizon, with nine colors and 4,000 total Nuggets in stock! Here's your guide to our post-Turkey Day release, with 22 informative questions and answers to get you prepared and let you focus on more important things, like who's bringing the mac and cheese to Thanksgiving dinner.


Products & Gift Cards

When are more Nuggets available?
We have two more restock dates on the calendar this year — November 29th (Black Friday), and Wednesday, December 18th. These will likely be fast sellouts, and for all other periods of the year, we will be completely out of stock.

How many colors are going up for sale on November 29th?
Nine! They are, in no particular order: Piglet, Sandcastle, Skydive, Beanstalk, Blackbeard, Cactus, Harbor, Majesty, and Peachtree! If you don't catch them this time, Beanstalk, Blackbeard, Peachtree and Harbor will be back at-least once more in 2020. Piglet, Sandcastle, Skydive, Cactus and Majesty will be retired - though we never say never on a comeback for our retired limited edition colors. 

Are any other colors restocking this year? 
Yes! On December 18th, we are restocking Koala, Submarine, and Rosebud. These orders are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. If you don't catch them then, all three will be back at-least once more in 2020. 

What about Taxicab, Stardust, Broadway, Lagoon, Bamboo and Pebble?
They'll each be back at least once in 2020, but they are sold out for the rest of 2019. Sign up for each respective notify list by clicking "Notify Me" on the Shop Nuggets or Shop Cover Sets pages.

How many of each color are releasing?
We aren't releasing specific details about color inventory for operational reasons, but we can say that more than 4,000 Nuggets will be available total.

Will you offer gift cards?
Yes! On Black Friday, we’ll be offering Nugget Gift Cards in the amounts of $49, $99, and $229! Orders will come with a downloadable and printable design to let loved ones know that the most creative couch in the world is (eventually) coming their way. NOTE: If you are eyeing the December 18 release (Submarine, Koala, Rosebud), we would not recommend buying a Gift Card on Black Friday. This could also be a quick sellout, and using a Gift Card would take more time during checkout.  These are best suited for someone that would like to buy a Nugget post-holiday season. 


Payment & Checkout

What price will the Nuggets be?
Same as usual! All Nuggets except Harbor will be $229. Harbor will be its usual $259  due to its more luxe, textured fabric. 

Will cover sets be for sale too?
Yes! There will be cover sets available in every color that is coming back. Cover Sets will cost $99, with the exception of the Harbor Cover Set, which costs $129.

Do you offer a preorder or reservations?
We don't offer a preorder at this time. Right now, hopping on our site right at 12 Noon EST is the only way to purchase a Nugget during our busy holiday season.

What time is the Black Friday release?
Same as usual! 12 Noon EST. 

Do you expect colors to sell out quickly? 
Due to exceedingly high demand this holiday season, we do. We’ve done our best to pull as many Nuggets into this release as possible, even including some leftover fabrics from retired colors that our suppliers had on hand but it likely won’t be enough to satisfy everyone who wants a Nugget at this time. Still, this restock will allow thousands more families to experience the Nugget than would have otherwise, and that’s good enough reason for us. 

If I add items to my cart, does it mean they're mine?
No, putting products in your cart DOES NOT hold the product for you. Your Nuggets and Cover Sets are only yours after you pay for them! This is very important. We can't use a reserve cart function on our site because our e-comm platform does not offer that function anymore! It will queue you up for payment based on where you fell into line with other customers - this is the most fair way. Research shows that reserve cart functions are actually less preferred by customers—so many people put their info in at checkout and end up abandoning their carts, making inventory unavailable for other customers. If you see an order #, it means you got it!  An email confirmation will be auto-sent to the email you inputted on the order. If you don't see one within a few hours, email our CS team and we will correct any typos!

Can I do anything to check out faster on Friday?
It really comes down to fast internet and fast fingers. We are not able to guarantee you receive a Nugget due to holiday demand and a surge in popularity for the product. We've heard ApplePay and PayPal are the fastest way to have your information pre-loaded into the system, but most of all we recommend hopping on at 12 Noon EST. We are not able to guarantee a Nugget for anyone, and you will not be able to purchase a Nugget through our customer service team.  

Will you limit customers to one Nugget?
After doing analyzing our data, over 95% of orders from the last restocks are  for one Nugget only. We do not have data showing that customers are purchasing more than a few Nuggets at once. For some larger families, two or three Nuggets are right for them. In addition, we have daycare owners, educators, non profit and museum directors furnishing their spaces with Nuggets — often times they need more than one and benefit from the in-cart discount. At this time, there is not enough data to show that limiting customers to one Nugget benefits the majority of our customers. If we see that this changes, we'll update this policy!

What is your cancellation policy? 
We cannot adjust the quantity, product, color or payment type on your order - if there are errors in your confirmation email you will need to cancel.  Within 1 hour of your order, email with subject line CANCEL and your Order #. 

Can I change the shipping address on an order? 
Within 1 hour of your order, we can correct any typos in the street name or city of your order. Due to varying state taxes, errors in state or zip will need to be cancelled. Email with subject line CANCEL and your Order #. 


What’s the shipping turnaround time?
As we head into the foam stretch (see what we did there?) of the year, we’re moving to a “Within 4 weeks” turnaround time for all order orders to leave our hands at Nugget HQ. For Black Friday orders, this means that delivery before Christmas is possible, but we won't guarantee it.

Why can’t you guarantee Christmas delivery?
Some things are predictable, like Dads ordering a second Nugget for their kids because after a week they’ve decided the first one is theirs. Other things are less predictable, like manufacturing. There are many variables that factor into how many Nugget leave the building every day, and all of them get tighter this time of year. When any of those variables change, so does our output. We’re a naturally optimistic bunch, but in the world of manufacturing, we need a healthy dose of realism too. We’ll be working our butts off, but we can’t guarantee Nugget deliveries before Christmas. What we can promise is that no later than a week before Christmas, all Black Friday customers will have gotten an update on our shipping progress, to give an idea of when — roughly — Nuggets should ship, if they haven’t already.

Can I email customer service to get shipping updates regarding my order?
You'll get a kind email from them saying that before your order ships, we won't have additional info to provide about your order. Our CS team is pretty magical, but they will not be able to work any magic to guarantee your Nugget arrives before Christmas. Please hold tight and wait for our mid-December shipping update. 

I'm local, can I pick one up from Nugget HQ?
Sorry, neighbor, not at this time! We optimize our warehouse operations for making and shipping Nuggets from our HQ in Hillsborough, NC.

Can you expedite my order?
Sorry, no! We are not able to rush any orders out of Nugget HQ. Cover Sets may arrive faster than Nuggets because they are made on a different production line.

Beyond the Holiday Rush

Will it be hard to get a Nugget in 2020?
We’re so grateful for all the excitement around our product! We’re shocked — it’s more demand than we could have expected.
We’re growing our capacity for the demand but doing it sustainably as to not sacrifice our commitment to quality and our staff’s health here in NC. This means there could still be periods of fast sell outs in early January. That's not ideal, but we’re trying our best to grow the right way!
We hope you are able to get one at one of the restocks. Look out for updates later this year on when we expect to get back into the usual swing of things, with — gasp! — extended periods of in-stock colors across the board in 2020. And as always, make sure to sign up online to be notified when each color you like is back! 

Any other questions?
Please email hq@nuggetcomfort.comOur CS team will be on a much deserved holiday break starting Christmas Eve, until January 3rd. If your email comes in during that period, they'll catch up with you in the new year!