Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Toy Story Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Monsters Inc Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Coco

Inspired by Imagination, Designed with Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Creativity

From day one, we’ve looked up to Disney and Pixar – literally.

From our earliest days, their film posters have hung on Nugget office walls, inspiring us to create products that bring all members of the family together through imaginative play, just as their movies speak to both the young, and the young at heart.

We admire Disney and Pixar’s approach to storytelling, a compelling combination of honesty and humor, of sincerity and wit. No topic is too heavy or serious – instead, they trust the audience, knowing that kids are ready for the conversations at hand. And in doing so, Disney and Pixar have – and continue to – create art with resonance and permanence.

At Nugget, we build furniture for growing imaginations. That lofty goal requires us to learn from those who came before us, those who unleash creativity and create new ideas not previously thought of. In this light, it is no greater honor than to introduce you to The Disney and Pixar Collection. It’s a dream come true for Team GG.

Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Toy Story

TheNugget x Disney and Pixar - Toy StoryNugget

This cloud-patterned Nugget combined with Woody-inspired yellow will transport you right back to childhood, that first magical moment when you started to wonder… just what exactly do toys do during the school day?

The microsuede Nugget features a directional tossed cloud pattern on the thick base cushion and pillows, with a sky blue background and white clouds. The thin cushion is a warm, buttery yellow, also in our original microsuede, which some Nugget fans may recognize as our retired Honeybee (Buzz, buzz!). A red zipper, inspired by the Toy Story logo, adds a pop of color to each of the four pieces.

Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Toy Story
Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Monsters inc

TheNugget x Disney Pixar - Monsters Inc.Nugget

When selecting the design for the Monsters, Inc. Nugget, there was no question about incorporating both Sulley and Mike Wazowski. Who better to bring the electric energy of the movie to Nugget homes?

The Nugget is mixed-material, with our original microsuede in lime green on the thick base and pillows; each lime green pillow features an applique of Mike Wazowski’s iconic eye. The double-brushed microsuede on the thin pattern cushion is inspired by the fuzzy and cuddly Sulley, incorporating a teal with purple spots.

Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Coco

TheNugget x Disney Pixar - CocoNugget

This movie is a feast for the eyes and ears, with vibrant colors matched with stirring melodies. The film’s music and love of family inspired this festive and celebratory design.

This tossed pattern on our original microsuede incorporates visuals from the film: guitars, musical notes, flowers, and butterflies. The butterfly designs are inspired by papel picado, or perforated paper, a style of Mexican folk art also found throughout the film. The onyx black background is host to a colorful display of orange guitars, fuschia flowers, white musical notes, and more.

Nugget x Disney and Pixar - Coco
Frequently Asked Questions

All Nuggets in Nugget’s Disney and Pixar Collection cost $279 each, with Cover Sets priced at $159 each. Pillow Packs are not available in this collection.

Due to the Special Edition nature of licensed products, Nugget’s Disney and Pixar products are final sale purchases and are not eligible for return or 30-day trial.

The Toy Story and Coco Nuggets are made with our original microsuede. The Monsters, Inc. Nugget is a mixed-material Nugget, with the patterned thin cushion printed on our double-brushed microsuede and the thick base and pillows made with our original microsuede. The Monsters, Inc. pillows include one applique Mike Wazowski eye on each pillow.

All of Nugget's Disney and Pixar products are machine-washable and follow our standard care instructions, available here.