The More You Nugget

A program supporting public school classrooms

Thank you to everyone who nominated a teacher or applied for the 2022-23 school year— we will notify selected teachers on a rolling basis August-May.

While we strive for perfection at Nugget HQ, we occasionally receive materials that, for various reasons, do not meet our quality standards, but are still perfectly fun-ctional. Think of these as the snowflakes of the Nugget universe: beautiful and unique, all with a slightly different flaw that makes them perfectly imperfect. These products are disqualified from meeting our strict warranty standards but they are still perfectly bounce-able, buildable, and ready for play!

Enter our The More You Nugget program, which donates our nearly-perfect Nuggets to some of the most important community leaders and advocates for children in communities across the country: public school teachers. We accepted nominations and applications for the 2022-23 school year over the summer and will send out Nuggets throughout the year to selected teachers.

How does it work?

The more you Nugget rules and details

Some rules and details:

  • To be eligible for selection, teachers must work at a U.S. public school with ages kindergarten through fifth grade and have a public school email address. This includes K-5 teachers, librarians, special education teachers, music, art, and STEM teachers, and more!
  • Teachers will be considered through both the application and nomination pool; it is not required to have both.
  • We will notify all selected teachers by email, so please be sure to submit a valid email address with nomination.
  • We cannot know in advance which colors we will have available; selected teachers will receive a random color based on availability.
The more you Nugget partnerships

TMYN Partnerships

  • We love partnering with like-minded companies who care deeply about education, equity, and access to high-quality classroom resources – just like us.
  • Our 2022-23 school year partner is Novel Effect, an app that follows along with interactive music and sound effects, creating magical moments when reading aloud with a child.
  • Past partners include A Kids Book About, a new kind of kids media company who is committed to empowering a generation of kids through diverse storytelling, and Slumberkins, a company committed to helping all children build social-emotional skills.

Classroom Nuggets

Teacher sitting on Nugget box inside of classroom
Nugget box in teacher's classroom
Nugget box in teacher's classroom
Blackbread Nugget in a teacher's classroom
Pebble Nugget in a teacher's classroom
Nugget box in teacher's classroom
Nugget box in teacher's classroom