A User's Guide To Nug Lotto 2020

Nug lotto 2020 - Thanks for playing! with a fingers crossed outline hand

[UPDATE: The Nug Lotto had a good run, but thankfully, it's no longer needed! Nuggets and Cover Sets can now be ordered in any quantities you wish, over on our Shop Nuggets and Shop Cover Sets pages. It's your lucky day!] 

Each holiday season we brace for a new uptick in demand — after all, what’s better than a Nugget under the tree? As we’ve continued to grow, every winter has looked a little different than the last, but this one… well, this one is a lot different. 

In the midst of COVID-19 and trying to protect our team, we’ve moved into a 100,000 square foot facility and brought on nearly 80 new hires. And even with that amazing new scale, we know the unique combination of COVID restrictions and more time at home means even more interest in the open-ended play that the Nugget offers. So that meant coming up with the fairest way to accept orders this year.

The 2020 Nugget Lotto is our solution for taking in orders during peak demand, giving all customers a fair chance to get a checkout link for a Nugget that'll ship to you in time for Christmas. It isn't the only way to play this holiday season — starting in November, we'll also be offering Backorders that will ship in the first half of 2021— but for a chance to order a Nugget that’ll ship to you in time for Christmas, this is the only game in town. We're using this post to cover the basics and to answer all of your burning questions, so everyone gets a fair shake.

You’ll be able to enter the lottery every Wednesday from 12pm-5pm ET, and our drawings will take place two days later, every Friday at 9 am ET. We’ll continue this format every week, all holiday season.

How To EnterPing pong balls spelling "Lotto"

By all accounts! To take part in Nug Lotto 2020, you'll need a customer account on our website. To create one, click "Account" in the main navigation menu (located in the upper left on mobile), and you'll be directed to an account creation screen. Complete the steps, and take note of your password.

Hold the phone! Make sure you have your mobile phone — you'll need it to register for the lottery! When you go to the lottery website (we'll send out this link beforehand), you'll be asked to login to your customer account if you haven't already. Then, you'll be prompted to enter a mobile phone number for identity verification (this helps us root out non-humans). Type in your phone number, and hit submit. Within a few minutes, you should receive a verification code on your device. NOTE: If you don't see this code, there should be buttons allowing you to get a phone call, or have the verification re-texted. Once you receive it, enter that code into a verification box on the lottery website, and hit submit again.

Take your time! For security reasons, the weekly registration windows will be only five hours long, but that doesn't mean you have to rush. Your place in line does not matter — all drawings will be random. So please, take your time, and make sure to enter your information correctly. Due to the volume of people who will be entering, our Customer team will not be able to troubleshoot individual issues, and you will have to create a new store account and try again. 

Make your picks! After you've submitted your verification code, you're ready to select the three lotteries you'd like to enter (your top three Nugget color choices). Take your pick from all 12 colors on the Nugget site. Hit submit, and you're all set! You've been entered to get a checkout link for any one of your top three Nuggets of choice.

How To Enter the lottery!

UPDATE, 10/28: We've made an improvement to the Lotto dashboard that you see when you go to the Lotto page. Now, you can see whether you've won or lost in the weekly drawings. (You will no longer receive an email if your name is not randomly selected — you will only receive an email if you win!) You can also see the colors that you've selected. See below! If you aren't able to reach a screen like the one shown below, we recommend trying again in an hour or two, as this may be an issue with site traffic and server overload.

Screenshot of the login page for the Nugget lottery

one lucky pillow, fingers crossed!LOTTO QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 

Why are you changing the system?

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about our checkout process, and as we approach what’s sure to be a stressful season in an already-high-stress year, we want to make the process of getting a Nugget as smooth as possible! #NugLotto2020 is the most fair (and fun!) solution to the supply/demand problem that we see around the holidays — especially this year. 

How does it work?

Please see the "How To Enter" section above!

How long is the lottery window open? 

The lottery will open every Wednesday for five hours from 12pm-5pm ET (we’ll provide the link before Wednesday!). You won’t be able to enter the lottery outside of those five hours every Wednesday afternoon. That said, if you’ve already entered, you don’t need to re-enter every week — if you haven’t won, your name will stay in the lottery for all upcoming drawings!

ping pong balls in a jar

When are winners drawn and how will I know if I won? 

UPDATE: Winners will be drawn every Friday. You’ll be notified via email if you are randomly selected as one of our weekly winners! If you are not selected, you will not receive an email. You can login to your Account any time after the drawings on Fridays to check and see if you've won. 

How many winners will be drawn each week? 

We’ll draw 5,000-10,000 winners per week! This is based on our weekly production capacity and will allow us to ship all Nuggets within three weeks of placing your order. 

What do I do if my name is drawn?

Start with a happy dance! (Bonus points if you film yourself and tag us in the video on Instagram.) You’ll receive a personal checkout link via email to complete your order. The checkout link will expire 72 hours after you receive it, so please complete your purchase as soon as possible. 

Can you win the lottery more than once?

No. After each drawing, the names and emails of all winners will be added to a Do-Not-Select list, to ensure they will not be drawn as winners in subsequent drawings. This ensures that during this high-demand period, we are getting Nuggets to as many different families as possible. 

What if my name is drawn and I don’t get my first color choice? Can I change the color to another one of my top three choices?

We hope there are multiple colors that you love, but for #NugLotto2020, you’ll be asked to select your top three choices and you’ll only be able to purchase the one that you’re selected for if you win the drawing. If your heart is set on one color, we suggest only registering for that color, or placing a Backorder for next year that will guarantee your first choice!

Which ping pong ball will get picked?

If my name is drawn but I don’t complete my purchase within 72 hours, will I still be entered into the next drawing? 

No. Once your name is drawn, you won’t be eligible for any future drawings, regardless of whether or not you completed the purchase for the drawing you won. 

Will lottery orders ship in time for Christmas?

All Nuggets purchased through #NugLotto2020 will ship in time for Christmas! In fact, they're shipping out within three weeks of when you place them, to be precise.

Which colors will ship first and how long will shipping take? 

For #NugLotto2020, all orders will ship out within three weeks of when they're placed, and they will ship in the order they were placed. 

Can multiple family members enter the lottery? If we both win and we have the same address, do we get to keep both?

Because there are still more Nuggets in demand than we can supply, we will do our best to maintain the same 1 Nugget per customer/household rules that we observed with our previous release. The chance of a customer successfully purchasing more than one Nugget is low, but in cases where we detect it, we will cancel all but one order. We are once again leaning on our customers to be community-minded in their approach to purchasing. If our team is notified of any orders that violate our Terms and Conditions, those orders may be canceled.

What about Cover Sets?

Cover Sets are available on Backorder, shipping in the first half of 2021, but they aren’t included in #NugLotto2020. 

I only want one color. Do I have to register for three choices?

Nope! You can just register for one color if you’d like — this will just mean that that’s the only color you’ll be able to win, so your chances of winning will be slightly lower than someone who registered for the max of three colors.  

Can I use a gift card to pay for my lottery order?

Yes! If you win a drawing, you’ll receive a link to complete your order and you’ll be able to use any gift cards that you’ve purchased. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about rushing to checkout! 

What if I win the lottery, but I change my mind, do I have to purchase? 

If you win the drawing, you aren’t obligated to complete the purchase, but your name will be taken out of the lottery for future drawings and you won’t be able to win again. Your personal checkout link will expire after 72 hours, so just make sure you decide before then! 

Will there be any new colors this year?

We're always working on exciting new projects at Nugget HQ, and even with the madness of 2020, this year is no different! Make sure you're following us on Instagram and subscribed to our newsletter to get word of all the good stuff coming out of Nugget HQ! 

Will there be a Black Friday sale?
We don’t take part in blowout Black Friday sales events. We don't like discounting because it's unfair to customers who just paid a higher price for the same thing two days earlier, and it also wouldn’t allow for us to invest in things we care about, like high quality materials and living wages for our team.