Big News! Shipping Timeline Now Under Four Weeks

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Our shipping timeline is now under four weeks! After placing your order at the Nugget Shop, it’ll leave our factory and be on its way to you within one month. *Cue the confetti* 

We’re pretty excited about this news — more excited than most would be about a logistics update, but hear us out. Unlike most toys, Nuggets are made-to-order, which means that they can’t simply be pulled off the shelf and sent out. Instead, it takes time to make each Nugget. Most made-to-order furniture ships 6-12 weeks from the time of purchase, so a 4-week mark has us feeling pretty good about ourselves! Add in the considerable strain on our supply that just couldn’t keep up with demand in 2020, prompting a backorder and lottery solution, all while increasing the color options on our site to 18 (whew!), and you can see why we’re so excited about this change. 

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What’s Next?

Along with this exciting news, we also want to share some insights on the holiday season ahead. COVID continues to affect shipping logistics and supply chains across all businesses around the world, not just here at Nugget, which impacts our ability to predict and assess delivery times with full confidence. If you’ve been in the market for any homewares in 2021, you may relate to seeing extremely long lead times that may have you scratching your head… patio furniture not delivered until winter? It’s due to a larger and complex supply chain problem that is happening worldwide. We have no idea of knowing what the 2021 holidays will bring, but these are some of the things we’re keeping a close eye on:

  • The containers that we use to move materials and supplies around the world have been greatly impacted by the effects of Covid-19 over the last year — this means that getting space on them is tough to come by and hard to predict. This can impact our fabrics, and our ability to get them to our factory from our suppliers who create, dye, and sew them in locations across the globe.
  • Who could've predicted that a (hopefully once-in-a-lifetime) winter storm in Texas would impact foam supply for nearly the entire furniture industry?! We did not have that on our bingo card, but foam supply has been and will continue to be as hard to predict as which colors we’ll come out with next. 😉
  • Global labor shortages — largely due to low wages, job insecurity, and the strain placed on essential workers over the past year — are causing ripple effects throughout supply chains, making it challenging to predict what will happen in the coming months.

All of this may look like pandemonium to some, but at Nugget, we prefer to view it as an obstacle course — our own grownup version of “the floor is lava.”

So, when should you order for the holidays? We’re finally to the question we know many of you are wondering. We even made a handy, super-serious flow chart to help you out.A totally unbiased, super serious guide to the question: When should I order for the holidays? Do you want a Nugget this year, or know someone who does? All answers point to "Order now!"

We’re always tinkering with new ideas at Nugget HQ, so while we do have some exciting things on the horizon that we can’t share just yet, if you want to guarantee that you will have a Nugget by the holidays in December, we recommend ordering sooner rather than later. The silver lining? You’ll be done with your holiday shopping with months to spare. More than any other year before, you’ll be glad you did.