Tiny Designer: Pillow Pack Edition

Alternating gif of four illustrated Nugget builds, with crayons and scribbles overlaid on imageCalling all architects! Pillow Packs are back, and with those extra pillows, a whole new world of building opens up for Nuggeteers. What can you do now that you have two extra support pillars? Maybe the pillows are two more pieces of lumber for your treehouse, or extra chairs around the campfire. As always, the only limit is your imagination — and, maybe the ceiling.

Nugget Tiny Designer's Template with outline drawing of a Nugget build

To get you started, we drew inspiration from Nugget Builds we’ve seen from real Nuggeteers like you! From amphitheaters to game tables, row boats to mountain tunnels, there’s so many avenues for your creativity. 

Two Nugget Tiny Designer's Templates with outline drawing of a Nugget build, side by side

Click here to download the Pillow Pack coloring sheets, and start imagining whole new worlds from the comfort of home!

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