When will my Nugget ship?

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Dear Nuggeteers,

Thank you SO much for your patience and support with us during this crisis. As most of you know, way back on March 19th we made the decision to shut down Nugget HQ for two months, to slow the spread of Covid-19 in our community and protect our team. Still, thousands of customers supported us when we put up a restock on March 27, with no shipping estimate in sight. We asked you to trust us that we would keep you updated and ship as soon as possible, and you did. So even though the threat of Covid-19 is still very real, we're back at work and have been working overtime to adapt and find creative solutions. 

We've used our blog, newsletters and social media to communicate as best we can. We're hoping you've read our updates about our factory shutdown decisions, about Nugget being a non-essential business, and about re-training our whole team under new policies. Now, we owe everyone who has placed an order the most important update of all: a date when your Nugget will ship.

Thanks to your patience, we were able to spend the past week and a half assessing how much our new Covid-19 precautions impact our production capacity. Quite a bit, it turns out. With distancing, sanitizing, and low headcount policies in place, our production speed has been cut by almost half. But as we've emphasized from the start, these policies are core to who we are — we won't relax them and put our team, and their family members, in danger. At the same time, we've gotta get orders out!

So, as is often the case at Nugget, we're getting creative. We're setting up the first second-shift in Nugget's history. We're separating our most high-risk teammates and shipping all cover sets from another location with them, so they are less exposed and don't interrupt the production and shipping of full couches at HQ. And we're splitting the nearly 20,000 Nuggets we need to ship out (15,000 from March 27 alone) into six different groups, each with their own straightforward shipping estimate.shipping estimates boat illustration

shipping estimates boat illustrationshipping estimates boat illustration

shipping estimates boat illustration

shipping estimate image

Every customer with an outstanding order has been notified of their group via en email to the address they entered at checkout. If you haven't received your email yet, sit tight! It should be on its way.

shipping estimate image

We split the orders from March 27th into three separate batches for one simple reason — there are a boat load of them! To provide more context, we received 15,000 orders on March 27th alone, and of those, 10,000 of them were placed in the first hour. That means a customer who ordered at 1 pm on 3/27 was already 10,000 orders behind the first person in line! The vast majority of orders we need to ship were all placed on March 27th, so if that's you, sit tight! We've sent you an email that gives you our best estimate of when your Nugget will ship — but because of the sheer amount of Nuggets ordered that day, your date may be very different from someone else's who ordered just a few hours earlier or later.

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Yes, cover sets are shipping faster! This is because cover sets are being quality checked, packed up, and shipped out separate from our Nugget HQ operation by some of our production teammates who we wanted to keep even more separate from the rest of the team for health reasons.

The team members packing up and shipping cover sets are not a part of the Nugget couch production teams, so you can rest assured this energy does not take away any capacity from Nugget production within Nugget HQ. Our decision to move forward with cover set shipping is a creative solution to protect our staff, maintain jobs and pay, and get customers their small packages faster, all at the same time.

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With our facility re-opened and Nuggets going out every day, we are optimistic about Nuggets being available to pre-order once again in mid-to-late June! When Nuggets are next made available on our site, we likely won't be finished shipping March/April orders — no June preorder will jump a March/April order in line! The June release will be an opportunity for us to give thousands more customers an opportunity to reserve their Nugget in the color of their choice, as we continue to shorten our shipping timeline through more experience with our new factory Covid policies. Look out for updates about that pre-order in the next few weeks!

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Again, thank you for your support and your patience in these unusual times. Please trust that we are getting every order out the door as quickly as possible, while still keeping health a priority for our team. Here's looking forward to later this year, when the only "Ship Update" you'll need will be a configuration guide to what Nugget boats you can build at home.