Why We’re Changing Our Prices

Young child on top on a light-colored rug crawls under a kelly green Nugget tent in a living room with natural light.
After nearly a decade of play and 900,000+ Nuggets sold, we’re updating the price of our beloved play couch for the first time ever.

Illustrated green dollar signs breaking up the page

One of our core values at Nugget is to play the long game. What does that mean? We’ll spare you the corporate lingo (not that we have any): It means using high-quality materials, compensating our employees fairly and contributing to causes we care about. It means running our business in a way that prioritizes quality, dignity, and community. 

In short, we want to still be making Nuggets and growing imaginations when your kids decide to have their own kids. To ensure that beautiful Nuggety future, we’ve determined we need to charge a bit more — $10-$20 more, to be precise — for most of our products. 

Illustrated green dollar signs breaking up the page

For years now, our production costs have crept steadily upward. A global pandemic, supply chain mayhem, and ballooning inflation slowly increased what we pay for everything (sound familiar?), including foam, fabric, zipper pulls, cardboard, shipping rates, and fuel. But since 2014, the Nugget has stayed at the same $229 price.

We know you feel this squeeze too. We’re humbled and grateful that you’ve chosen to spend your hard-earned dollars with our business. We hope you keep choosing to do so, in part because you love the Nugget, and in part because you value the way we’re doing business. Before we tell you what’s changing, here are a few things we’re committed to not changing:

  • Our high-quality materials. For instance, our sturdy, springy foam is produced in North Carolina, and it’s CertiPUR-US certified to exceed safety standards.
  • Our care for our team. We believe in fair compensation for all Nugget staff members, and our current starting pay, $20/hour, is nearly triple our state’s abysmal minimum wage. This supports our colleagues’ own individual livelihoods as well as the quality of life in our region.
  • Our responsibility to our community. Last year, we worked to expand the impact of established organizations serving our neighbors in the greater Durham area, such as Gigi’s Playhouse, the Campaign for Southern Equality, and a grassroots UBI (Universal Basic Income) project called Durham Neighbors. 

Here’s the breakdown of our new prices, taking effect Feb. 1, 2023:

Microsuede Nugget: $249. Microsuede Cover Set: $119
Double-Brushed Nugget: $269. Double-Brushed Cover Set: $139
Corduroy Nugget: $279. Corduroy Cover Set: $149
We didn’t make this decision lightly, and chose to make this change after the busy holiday shopping season, because we wanted as many people as possible to enjoy gifting the original play couch at our original prices.

For those who were planning a Nugget purchase at those prices in the near future, you’ve still got some time: our current pricing will be available through January 31, 2023. We’re so grateful for all the support over the years, and look forward to sparking imaginations, and running a business we can be proud of, for many years to come. 

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