End-of-Summer Release FAQs

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Hi Nuggeteers! 

You've been waiting, and the day is almost here...it's time for our next restock! *Cue. The. Confetti!* We so appreciate your patience and support over the last few months, and we're excited to announce that Nuggets and Cover Sets will be available again this Friday, August 14th at 12pm Noon, Eastern Time! 

But what does it all meannn?! If you have questions, don't worry  we have answers! Earlier this week, we conducted a very scientific study through Instagram stories, where we collected all of your burning questions about the August restock. We've answered them in full below, but wanted to share two highlights up here as well: 

1) This is going to be our biggest release ever. During our last restock, there were three times as many customers on our site as there were Nuggets available. This release will have 3x as many Nuggets available as our last, and more than we've ever done before!  

2) It might still be hard to get a Nugget. We're doing everything we can to get Nuggets to as many people as possible, but we've only seen demand increase over the last couple of months. We talk about this more below, but please know that fast sell outs are not something that we aim for. If you would prefer to wait for a less competitive ordering process, we totally understand. We're scaling and we look forward to fulfilling your order in the future! 

Alright, let's dive into some comprehensive Q&A!  

I'm confused. Is this a restock, backorder or a pre-order? 
We're happy to clarify! It's never our goal for Nuggets to ship months after you've ordered. We aim to make and ship Nuggets as quickly as possible, and to have products readily available on the site. This year has made it difficult to do those things, so we've taken orders on a backorder/pre-order system. Backorders and pre-orders are when Nuggets take a long time to ship, and we're not able to ship them right away. This release is a Restock because we're all caught up with shipping previous orders and we're ready to take new ones!

That said, in order to satisfy demand, we're taking a large amount of orders this time! So depending on when you get your order in, your order could ship any time between now and the end of October.

What's different about this one vs the last one?
Great question! Our last restock on 6/25 was much smaller. This restock includes 3x more inventory. However, more inventory does not necessarily mean that you will have an easier time getting a Nugget. You may remember that during the last restock, there were 3x more people on the website than inventory. There's no delightful way to say it: we can't guarantee that everyone who wants a Nugget will be able to get one. We've only seen demand increase over the past few months, so while we're doing our best and providing more inventory than we ever have before, we can't make any promises. 

Will there be any changes to the check-out process? 
Since our summer restock, we've been working overtime to investigate multiple options for ensuring fairness. Week after week, it was determined that the process we currently have in place is the most fair for our customers. We hope you can trust that we agonized over this and put many hours into researching alternatives.

The biggest difference this time is the quantity available, which we expect will help with how impossibly fast our inventory moves. Still, we're shocked by the rapid rate of email sign ups and new customer inquiries! It's likely that demand will continue to outpace supply until we've moved into our new production facility. Jump to "Checkout" for more info on what you can expect.

What are my chances of getting one this time around?
Certainly better than before! But we can't make any guarantees. COVID-19 and word-of-mouth endorsement have made demand for our product skyrocket beyond anything we could've expected at the beginning of the year. Jump to "Checkout" for more. 

Why don't you do a preorder so it doesn't sell out so fast? 
We would of course love to take unlimited orders for everyone that wants a Nugget! However, it wouldn't be responsible, nor operationally feasible. We have hemmed and hawed all year about how to achieve our goal of getting as many high quality Nuggets out to as many Nuggeteers as possible, without overextending our staff and while keeping them safe. Our current system of restocks is our best option. If you would rather wait, we totally understand! We're scaling and we look forward to fulfilling your order in the future!
cart limits

Will there be an item limit? 
Due to the unique circumstances of 2020, we're working with limited capacity to ensure safety and we're seeing *big Kahuna* demand because more kiddos are staying at home. Just like toilet paper, we're limiting to one item per customer/household for this release. We know that this means that some of you will have to make tough choices, but we hope you can understand our desire to give more children the opportunity for more safe, exciting, open-ended play. When supply is less of an issue later this year, we don't plan to have to enforce limits. 

Is it per customer or per household? 
It's both. Customers are only allowed to add one item to their cart. If additional orders for a single address or single customer manage to come through beyond those quantities, they will be canceled and added back to inventory. Please be mindful that this adds significant work for our customer team and takes away from other families - we genuinely ask for your compliance. Let's share the Nugget love with all that haven't been able to get one yet! 

If both of us (my partner and I) score a Nugget, will you cancel our order? 
Yes. We ask that you sincerely consider the implications (both for our team and fellow customers) when you consider having friends and family buy on your behalf. Extra customers on the website hoping to buy for the same household causes unnecessary website traffic. Sifting through orders going to the same household or customer is something we will do for fairness, but we ask that you don't add to our time spent doing this in your quest for your Nugget. There will be many more opportunities to get your Nugget! 

Will there be a Multipack discount?
Because the limit only allows you to add one Nugget to your cart, the Multipack discount will not be available.  

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Can you host a restock just for new customers? 
Our first time Nuggeteers are at the top of our mind with this restock. It's why we've pulled up inventory that normally would've been released later this year! And it's why we've chosen to limit to 1 item per customer/household. However, a restock just for brand new customers would logistically be too complex to manage. Even if it was possible, we wouldn't be able to guarantee an easier shopping process with the level of demand that we've seen due to COVID-19.

Will you share inventory numbers? We're trying to score our first Nugget and want to know what color has the best chance.  
We don't share this information because it helps us ensure fairness. If we did, it would unfortunately have the opposite effect — customers would move towards the higher quantity colors first, wiping their inventory clean. We look forward to restocking many of these colors. Jump to "Product Qs" for more info on what you can expect to come back.

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When will my order ship?
Orders from this restock will start shipping immediately! Depending on where your order ends up in the queue, it could ship any time between now and the end of October. 

If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?
This restock is meant to allow for the maximum number of orders we can take for production by the end of October. This is an estimate and could be impacted by COVID-related precautions, but we're absolutely aiming for you to have your Nugget well ahead of Christmas.  

Will there be another restock before the holidays?
We plan to make Nuggets and Cover Sets available again later this year, so this won't be your last opportunity to score a Nugget before the holidays. However, if history is any indicator, demand will likely be even higher the closer we get to holiday season. So...we're not going to tell you when to order, but if you're worried about it, you may choose to do some early holiday shopping! Keep in mind, a new factory this holiday season means WAY more Nuggets going out the door — so even if you miss out this go 'round, you'll have another chance in time for gift-giving.

Just remember that Nuggets need to be unboxed upon arrival, so make sure you have a place to store your open Nugget for a few months! 

When is the next restock? Will you announce a Christmas cutoff? 
It will likely be sometime in October, but we continue to provide estimates as we evaluate COVID-19 in our area. We plan to offer more opportunities for you to secure your Nugget ahead of Christmas. Every year, we announce a Christmas cutoff for guaranteed Christmas delivery. 

Will I get an email when my Nugget ships?
Yes! When your Nugget leaves us, you’ll be sent a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link to the email address that was used to place your order (you can also see tracking in your Account). Within 24 hours, your tracking may reflect an estimated delivery date — please note that this can change! The majority of our orders are sent through Fedex and all couriers nationwide have seen an uptick in demand with more people shopping online than ever before. All couriers, including Fedex, are experiencing some delays due to an increase in volume. We appreciate your patience as your Nugget makes its way home!

Do you expect to close again due to COVID?
We don't expect to have to close again, but the data out of North Carolina has been a needed (and sobering) reminder that during a pandemic, everything — including foam couches — comes with an asterisk. If at any point there are changes to our production schedule that could cause us to miss our estimated dates, rest assured that we will make that known, here and by email (and maybe by carrier pigeon, just to make sure). Thank you for all the support as we try to balance customer needs with the constraints of a public health crisis.

Will I be able to edit my shipping address after checking out?
We're happy to help with any in-state shipping address changes, as long as your order hasn't shipped. Since these orders will start shipping immediately, some windows for making address changes will be very short. Please carefully review your shipping address as soon as you receive your order confirmation email. If any changes need to be made, send an email to hq@nuggetcomfort.com with subject line "SHIPPING ADDRESS CHANGE -- Order #____"

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What is the cancelation policy for this drop?
Unlike previous drops, we're going to start working on these right away. The operational challenges of allowing cancelations up until it ships are too complex for our team - so all orders that need a cancelation must occur within 1 hour of your order. 

If you no longer want your order, or need to make edits to color, quantity, or shipping address out of state, please email us at hq@nuggetcomfort.com within 1 HOUR of purchase with the subject line CANCEL ORDER (and your Order #). We can cancel the order and allow you to repurchase the desired items if still available, but we aren't able to guarantee their availability. It can take up to 2 weeks for refunds to process.

Will the checkout process be different? I got kicked out of line last time and didn't get to complete my order.
We know it's so frustrating when you're not able to complete a purchase. The biggest thing we can do to help is increase quantity, which we are doing by 3x for this release. We have looked into a number of options for our checkout system, but our tech team continues to find that our current system is the best possible option for high demand release days, due to a number of variables we're dealing with. The number of people on our website on release days is record-breaking, and our website handles the demand by organizing you into a "queue" based on when your internet connected you to it. It looks like this: 
you're in line to checkout popup example
This queue is the most fair way to line up customers into a virtual line. However, even if you get to the check out page, you can still have your order taken from you in the cart. This is very important. Research shows that reserve cart functions are actually less preferred by customers—so many people put their info in at checkout and end up abandoning their carts, making inventory unavailable for other customers. If you see an order #, it means you got it! An email confirmation will be auto-sent to the email you entered on the order. If you don't see one within a few hours, email our CS team and we will correct any typos that were entered at checkout!​

How fast will they go? Are we talking seconds, minutes, hours?
We are unable to predict this, but if history is any indicator, things will still go fast despite our 3x increase in quantity. If you would rather wait for a smoother checkout process, please check in with us later this year when we have expanded to our new facility. 

Is my item “held” in my cart while I check out?
No, putting products in your cart DOES NOT hold the product for you. Your Nuggets and Cover Sets are only yours after you pay for them! This is very important. Your Nugget will only be confirmed as yours when you see an Order #. 

Can I enter payment info/shipping address ahead of time? What’s the fastest way to check out?
If you're looking for ways to speed up the check-out process, we recommend creating an Account on our website. This allows you to save your shipping address, and later, view any pending orders or previous purchases! If you've already got an Account (high fives!),  make sure your shipping address is correct! 

We don't have a way for you to store payment information, but having your shipping address ready to go will allow you to move faster. You're also able to use Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment options, or you could have your credit card info copied and ready to paste during the ordering process. 

Will Affirm or PayPal be available at checkout?
You can use Affirm at checkout, but Paypal isn't available.

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What colors are available for this release?
All colors currently listed on the website, so: Koala, Submarine, Blackbeard, Harbor, Beanstalk, Taxicab, Peachtree, Lagoon, Bamboo, Rosebud, Stardust and Pebble. Atlantis and Redwood are also going to be making their debut. 

Are pillows available for this release? 
Pillow Packs will not be available for the listed colors above. We were super energized by the massive reception to our Pillow Packs in our neutral colors, and we look forward to bringing them back later this year! 

Is this the final restock for any colors?
Yes! We're so excited to introduce you to our next colors. To make this happen, since we are still limited in our smaller facility, we do have to say goodbye to some colors that will forever have a place in our hearts. We never say never on a potential comeback later on, though. For now, this will be the last scheduled restock for: Beanstalk, Taxicab, Lagoon, Stardust, Rosebud and Peachtree. We know this may be sad news for some, but please trust that we wouldn't retire such popular colors if we didn't need to make room for our new inventory! COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in many product release and retirement timelines, so we're asking that you bear with us when receiving this news. 

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Will there be a point where you catch up with Covid backlog and have Nuggets for sale all the time? 
This is our goal! We hope everyone can trust that the cycle of restock/sell out/restock is one we are desperate to break. We're extremely grateful to be a fast-growing company, expanding during a pandemic; but we're looking forward to getting Nuggets to everyone that wants them.

I'm local! Can I pick my order up?  
At this time, we're focused on our shipping operation at Nugget HQ and minimizing traffic inside of our building. We love the idea and would like to do something like this in the future, though! 


Thank goodness it's (almost) Friday! 

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