Classics, Limited Editions, Special Editions… What’s the Difference?

Three kids sitting in a Nugget tent in Confetti Special Edition Nugget

We’re always busy over at Nugget, creating new colors for Nuggeteers to enjoy and combine in their homes! You might have noticed that on our site, all those colors end up getting placed into one of three categories: Classics, Limited Editions, or Special Editions. If you’re new to Nugget, or just curious about how our color categories work, read on to learn the differences and test your Nuggety knowledge.


These are colors that are so classic, so foundational, that we’ll likely keep them in the Nugget Shop for years at a time. We’re always working on new projects and things can always change in the future, but you can bank on us offering these timeless hues. 

Our current Classics are: 

Ever wondered how we name our colors? We’re all big kids at heart, so we make it a contest! There are a few rounds of voting, and the final winner gets to take the first Nugget in that color off the production line home as a prize. Oh, and claim bragging rights until the next naming round, of course.

Limited Editions 

These are colors that we introduce for, as the name suggests, a limited amount of time. We tend to offer between 10-15 Limited Edition colors at any given moment, all available in the Nugget Shop. Retirements are announced in advance, and while we can’t guarantee it, select colors may return from retirement at some point in the distant future — only if we can convince them to put aside the shuffleboard for a spell!

Why don’t we keep all of our colors forever? While we are always sad to retire a color, it’s just not logistically possible for us to offer all of our colors forever and ever. From warehouse space to our supply chain, there are so many variables that make it hard for us to keep all of our colors around permanently. And, with new projects always being worked on, your new favorite Nugget may be just around the production corner!

Special Editions

We’ve had so much fun partnering with designers, brands, and other creatives for these one-time releases. Past partnerships have included Alice + Ames Mabel, June and January Rust, "Nuggeteering Across The Universe" with Spoonflower, and we’re excited to continue to explore partnerships with inspiring brands in the future. Special Editions are released just one time – once they're gone, the only other time you might get lucky enough to win one is through our Cover Club, which raises funds for non-profit partners in the NC Triangle area. 

Woman with four kids of various ages, lounging on couch and Nugget in floral pattern

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